For over 47 years, joe has been playing music with strangers,family and friends. The time has come to share his melodies, moods and emotions on a larger scale. "The Path Least Taken " was a compilation of instrumental songs written over the past three years.

This year has been a difficult year for the music community in Fulton County NY. We have lost one of finest Musician's, Sound Engineers, Guitarist and Friend you could ever hope to know. As we all try to make sense of our loss, we are reminded of the joy of life he had and brought out in all of us. We should pay that happiness forward and remember music is a universal  language that we can all share by playing... listening... and giving.


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Since childhood, music has always held a special spot in his heart. Singing at an early age made him smile,picking up the guitar gave him purpose. From Jr high school forward, there was always a band in the basement or a song that you couldn't get our of your head from hearing it over and  over and over!
One truth is that those early groups spawned lifelong friendships that remain strong today. "The Path Least Taken " features lifelong friend and fellow guitarist John (Xray)Readdean and Carl Marrucci holding down  the rhythm section on drums.
This core group will add musicians as needed for this summer's live dates, depending on the venues.


"There is nothing like the feeling of a good night",when the other players,the audience,and your instrument are all in sync.

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